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Top Ten Ways to Prepare for a Smooth Move

It could a little tough to get your moving process smooth, if there isn’t any planning or you haven’t done any estimation. However then you can certainly ascertain the moving to be smooth and easy going, when you are able to follow the TEN ON TEN rules. The rules are simple, precise and easy to execute and could be followed any one. So let’s check what these TEN ON TEN rules are:

1. Prepare at least three moving estimate from home, it is better to avoid the phone or the online estimate. However, you can certain inputs from those estimate sources but never depend on that fully. Get in touch with the mover and show them the things which are to be moved including the basements, the attics, storage areas, garage, sheds etc. Ask for an estimate from them and compare it with your one. In most cases, you can find the two estimates are closely resembled with the price, service and the weight. Select the two estimates and bid for them. So accept the one which is lower and avoid the carrier charges.

2. Any of the three “pre-moved” documents should be obtained from the moving service companies and read them. The documents will be about the rights and the responsibilities, the ready to move brochures, information on arbitration program. These documents are necessary for any interstate shipment.

3. Don’t go for hefty sum pf down payments. Check the moving carriers and whoever seeks for large down payments, hold their service for time being and check out their details properly.

4. If you have any query about any of the moving services, don’t hesitate to ask. The moving business is a complex matter and so questions may arise.

5. Plan your move during the off peak season. This is because during these periods, you can get a better deal and service. Avoid months from June to September, these are peak seasons and even avoid high seasons, mid month move, mid week move and even moving at the end of the month.

6. Be available on your phone always, so that the moving companies can reach you during the move. Communicating over the phone will also help to save time and the storage costs. Take every details like full name, id and phone number of the driver who’s carrying your goods.

7. All the valuable items like the cash, coins, jewelry, important papers, and photographs should be handled personally. You can use traceable services like FedEx or United Parcel Services for delivering these goods.

8. All the personal items should be segregated properly. Any of the items like papers and cloths which are traveling with you, should be placed in a proper place inside the vehicle. Don’t include them in the trucks where other items are loaded.

9. Relax about your move; there can be certain thing which can go wrong occasionally. Take a good sleep before the day of the moving.

10. Share the status of the moving process with your family and friends and you will feel much relaxed.

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